H&M Yellow Summer Dress

Ya’ll, this humidity is killing my hair.

Check on your curly haired friends, cause we is not okay! 😂

On a more serious note,

Hair - I recently picked up some devacurl products.


I mean.. do you see how awesome my curls on in these photos? And I literally didn’t put in much effort. Some leave in conditioner and some supercream curl styler - scrunch that in my hair with some ghost oil I got from ipsy and BAM. Wish it was less frizz but I’m done complaining. Gotta just go with the flow.

On another note, took a trip to the mall with my daughter about two weeks ago. This dress for some reason caught my eye. Originally I was going to style it for a model to wear but then I tried it on at home and I fell in love. Not really a big floral or yellow person, but I’m slowly starting to dig it. Its super comfortable, hugs your shape in all the right areas and overall a perfect spring / summer dress. I think you can easily wear a pair of keds if you wanted, or converses, but I opted for my steve madden dupes which is becoming my everyday wear right now.

Dress - H&M (Linked below all other yellow dresses that are similar as well!),

Sandal - Kohls

Lip - Pixi Uplift Max (Honey Sheen color)

Hair - Devacurl leave in , Devacurl Supercream

Photos by Lilith Rose.