We Have a 9 Month Old! Morgan's Milestone Update.

So on Tuesday, we have hit the 9 month milestone mark and I’m super sad. When they said it flies by fast, I believed it because I knew. Watching my little cousins grow up, I knew times goes by quickly. But seeing my own little munch couch surfing and trying to walk without any help is just a big tug on the heart strings! (and I’m an Aquarius)

9 month milestone

I havent been up to date with the milestone photos mostly because the blanket I have isn’t suiting us anymore. I’m unable to get her to lay still to change her diaper, let alone a photo. As soon as she’s on her back she’s back on her hands and knees, trying to grab at something Im holding, wether it be my phone, camera, or diaper rash cream. It’s a real struggle. Which is why I decided to get this letter board and see if its any help.

What has changed in the last three months?


Most things are the same, but she is on a better schedule now.

We’ve already been through pink eye, the flu, and now teething. We thought we were getting lucky with the lack of fussiness with teething since her 2 bottom teeth came in and all we got was drool. But low and behold, the last week or so has been a little tough between her fuzziness of her sore gums and the aftermath of the end of her first year shots.


We currently have a walker. She’s been on the move. This week she’s been practicing her balance and can last a few seconds standing up without holding on until she falls back on her tiny butt. It’s getting longer though. I’m predicting in May she’ll be walking.

She’s couch surfing and is getting quicker about it. Reaching for everything she can get her hands and mouth on. Very mischievous she is!

We’ve also started her on meat a month ago. Doc wants her to be about 20lbs before she turns one in July, just 3 more to go! Pretty sure she’s going to be taking after me in weight though. Flexing through the years.

Well, thats all we got for this milestone!

Stay tuned for her room update!