In the beginning of January we took a trip to the west coast. Time traveling our way from New York to Vegas for the first round of this amazing journey, we went from winter temperatures (even though it was oddly warm for 5 am) to a refreshing fall-ish temperatures in Nevada. Walking around with nothing but a sweatshirt on is my perfect weather, and I swear, looking up at the palm tree's outside of McCarren Airport made me feel warmer.

We were staying in Downtown Vegas at The El Cortez, which after a few hours I remember was almost the same name as the hotel in the latest American Horror Story. Thankfully it wasn't haunted with murder savvy ghost and ghouls, but I did feel like I was back in the vintage era with its green walls and black and white decor, which was perfect for the whole reason we were in Vegas in the first place. Our friend's vow renewal in front of the Bellagio Fountain.

For most of my Vegas trip, I took in the sites with my eyes more than my camera since I was mostly riding in the bumpy back seat. I took tons of videos and photos on my snapchat, to which is announced for my followers on other social media's sites to follow if interested. If you did, then wonderful, you got to see most of my journey. If not, you're shit outta luck. Sorry. :)

It was cold out that night, and wearing a dress in the middle of the strip didn't make it better. But I got to see the night life of the Vegas Strip, which to me was a mixture of Atlantic City and Times Square. The people, the characters of costume, casino's, tall buildings, dancing lights, and solicitors. I felt as if I was back home, until the singing of Sinatra began playing and the fountains danced, leaving me mesmerized and officially crossing 'Watch The Bellagio Fountains Play' off my bucket list. 

Credit to the photographer who got these awesome photos.



Well, now that we got day and night one out of the way, let's continue..


After a nice all you can eat buffet brunch, which I finally had a decent cup of coffee since this trip and an awesome lemonade, we heading out to Red Rock Canyon. I saw this on a post on pinterest and it immediately poked my interest. I've been wanting to do more hiking this year, and this was an awesome place to start. It's about an hour outside of downtown Vegas, a beautiful scenic route as you head towards the mountains. We did the drive through, which you could take your vehicle and park at the lots provided with each mile to explore. That came in handy after we decided to venture down to what seemed like a mile to climb a part of the mountain. Yes I climbed a mountain and nobody can tell me differently. 

It was absolutely beautiful walking and driving through his amazing scenery. To see the top of a mountain lightly covered in snow and the clouds covering them. (You can tell I don't get to see mountains very often.)


Before our departure flight to California, we drove to the hoover dam, being tourists for the last time in Nevada, and once again time traveled back and fourth an hour. We entered two states within seconds of each other.. it was kinda cool.