Central Park Fall Foliage - 2016

Central Park every year is beautiful for the fall. I went there a few times during the last few months of autumn for photos..

Spring 2016

Right now its still spring in New York, even though it feels like summer with the humid heat. Spring is one of my favorite seasons due to the floral blooms. Trees start to become green, flowers of all kinds start to bloom. It makes the city beautiful and lively. My not so favorite part is the bugs that start to come out from hiding. Mosquitoes and bees. 


Saying Good-bye To Winter.

While every photographer in New York ( well.. almost every), took on Snow Storm Jonas, I decided not to as I was still recovering from the jetlag and time difference from my trip to the west coast. But during a day I had planned a shoot with blogger Shira Rose from A Sequin Love Affair, it was snowing at a perfect amount where it wasn't too bad to venture out in. So I suggested Prospect Park since it was close to the both of us.

I've never actually photographed a snow storm before.. around my block with a slight half day snow fall perhaps, but never an actual big fall. So when we got to the park I was amazed by how beautiful it was.. a winter wonderland.