Sunflower Field

Why yes, I did break out this dress once again. Its probably my favorite dress in my closet, I have only a handful. It was last seen here, last halloween.

I spotted this beautiful photo of a sunflower field on facebook a few weeks ago and got really excited when I saw it was in Jersey. Obviously, I tagged Shira from asequinloveaffair and we started planning a roadtrip there, thanks to her wonderful friend who drove us.

I think we went at peek time. Although the heat and sun were brutal on us, it was well worth it. All the sunflowers were beautiful and perfect for photos.

If you know me, and know me well, you would know I loathe any insect and bug that flies. Bee's in general annoy and scare me. One of the reasons why I'm not so fond of the summer. Besides mosquitos, bees and wasps come out of the woodwork. Once I hear a bee anywhere in my ear, I freak out. So, going into a field FULL of them, I was horrified. I've never gotten stung before, and wanted to keep it that way. Luckily, we did. Though one managed to touch my hand. All I felt was something fuzzy and I freaked out, while Shira was trying to calm me down.

Photos by Shira.