Skull Joggers

So, from when I was pregnant, I practically lived in sweatpants/joggers cause that was all that fit me, and lets be honest.. when you’re pregnant, you need to live comfortably. Well, that transferred over to postpartum. Obviously, everyone loved some comfy sweats. If you don’t.. theres something wrong with you. #sorrynotsorry

As I was in the search for new jeans, since I went up about four sizes now and I’m very particular about my jeans, I found these amazing pair of joggers on walmart, for sale and had to get them. Comfy? Check! Skulls? Check! Grey and black? Check! It needed to be in my wardobe, pronto.

I’m so happy about the temps here in New York. Its finally fall and I can break out my leather jacket and plaid shirts, which are pretty much my fall staples.

What are your fall staples?