Shira x Central Park - Blogger Content Creation.

Last week I finally met up with Shira from after she was gone for a few months. If you follow her, you’d understand why, but I was soooo happy to finally see her again!

We’ve been working together for, 5 years? 6? I don’t remember anymore, but its been awhile. Its always nice to have returning clients, and when they turn into good friends? The best! I’m lucky enough to have a selective few clients of mine in this industry that have turned into amazing friends.

Shira and I tend to work together about once a week, last week it was twice, but we started off in Central Park, hitting up the conservatory garden for all the spring magic (second set of images).

I’m obsessed with cherry blossoms and magnolias, they are just so beautiful and make new york city so pretty with pink after the cold harsh white out winter brings.

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