Rovlet Bathing Suits

Its been a little while everyone. We got hit with the flu a few weeks back and I’m working on some personal projects. But today I’m back, reviewing and sharing two bathing suits from Rovlet.

Its been quite a few years since I have worn a one-piece suit. I’m so used to wearing bikinis, but I’ve been trying to find some cute one piece’s, and these two are really adorable! I adore this shiny lace up, and its even adjustable which I love. And its comfortable to wear.

The color of this burgundy one piece I fell for. I love basically anything red as its my favorite color, and I do like the side bow detail.

Me, taking in the sun from our 70 degree weather with wind gusts and silently telling Lilly to hurry up and take the photo and hoping I don’t look constipated.

If you are interested in these suits, Rovlet gave me a code for you guys to use for 10% off LOVELY10

Photos by Lilith.

Bathing suit - Rovlet

Shiny Lace Up , Burgundy Tie Knot

(use code lovely10 for 10% your rovlet purchase)