Red T-Shirt Dress

I tried something a little different and totally out of my zone last week and got my makeup done by the amazing Brittany Diaz. I told her to do whatever she wanted on my face, and voila! Her excitement of finally being able to do my makeup was hysterical.

Prospect Park still has yet to bloom, with only a tree here and there which I got a few goodies from my shoot with Lilith, as we double shot each other this day. That set will be up here soon.

Now, I'm not big on wearing dresses. I hardly wear them. I'm all about ripped jeans and a tank top, but sometimes a girl needs a dress. I found this one on forever 21 on sale and had to get it.

Dress - Forever 21 (red is sold out, but links to olive, yellow, and charcoal colors)

Makeup - Brittany Diaz

Photography - Lana Wolfe