Red and Black

Finally broke out my new leather jacket from h&m. I recently did a complete haul of my closet, due to me moving, and I gave my little cousin my denim jacket & other leather jackets because I wanted to make room for new ones. I saw this jacket on sale and I new I had to have it. Reminds me of Neegan's leather jacket from The Walking Dead a bit.

I should have sized up to make room for a sweater underneath so I'm not completely smooched inside, bit overall I'm happy. The only downside to this jacket is it doesn't have good pockets to put your hands or phone in. I need pockets in my life! Who doesn't right?

This is just one of the sweaters I picked up as well. I'm in love with the color and it is so comfy and cosy. Perfect fall sweater to have in your wardrobe. And of course I paired it with my ripped levi's because I practically live in those when I'm not working.

Jacket - H&M; Sweater - H&M; Jeans - Levi's; Sneakers - Nike