Perfect Spring Maxi

It's been a while since I've shot anything personal style related, mostly due to a lack of motivation and the fact nothing from the waist down fits me anymore. I've officially had to pack away all my jeans and denim shorts until I pop this little girl out. Currently at 34 weeks, the end is near.

I was being very picky when it came to my baby shower dress. I typically don't wear dresses unless it's an event, and all the ones I found weren't typically my style or what I was looking for. Almost 6 stores later, I spotted this lovely floral maxi in Express, tried it on and called it an evening.  I love the flow of the dress, the print is perfect for spring and summer, and wasn't too long for my 5'4 height. I've had bad luck when it comes to maxi's due to the length, but this one is perfect!

Dress - Express (other colors to this dress below.); Shoes - Lauren Conrad.

Photos by Lilith Rose.