Maya Chan Beach Resort - Mexico

I don't know why it has taken me so long to edit and upload photos from my vacation. And that I'm currently doing so when its below freezing with snow and ice on the ground, I wish I could go back.

After the Mayan Ruin's trip, we relaxed on this amazing resort, Maya Chan. Let me tell you now, that it was fantastic. Everything is all inclusive, including a ride to and from the cruise port & food.

I unfortunately didn't bring my dslr, using my other point and shoot Olympus camera, and I regret it due to the low quality of the images, but lets face it, I was on vacation and wanted to relax. I believe I mentioned it in the other blog post that I wasn't much of a photographer on this trip. I wanted to relax and enjoy myself and my dslr is heavy. 

Since we went in January, the weather wasn't very sunny and hot. It was actually pretty perfect since I hate sweating and suffer from the occasional heat stroke. The sky was filled with clouds that blocked the sun for most of the time, but that didn't stop me from lounging out with a pina colada & shirley temples all day. My pastey butt got a tan.. you know.. after I burned. #irishgirlproblems.

The food was amazing, all you can eat freshly made tacos! Still not sure if they were chicken or iguana meat, but they were delicious and had about four. 

They had two dogs on site as well as a cat, and lets face it, I'm an animal person, so all I was doing was calling them over to pet them. They were extremely friendly, although the older dog (pictured above) wanted really nothing to do with humans unless there was food around. And at the end of the day when we were heading out, he (or she, I don't remember), would lay in the path to watch us leave. The other one, a young pup, was all about the people, being friendly so we'd give 'em some scrapes, though we're not supposed to.

If you are ever in the area, I highly suggest you visit this place for a wonderful relaxing day. The beach was clean (and cold so I didn't really go in all the way) and beautiful & they have activities you can use like rafts, snorkels and all that fun stuff. And everything is all included, so thats a major bonus.


P.S - This wasn't sponsored or anything.