Jack Skellington Baby Halloween Outfit

Can we take a moment and appreciate that baby clothes are just so freaking adorable? Especially girls clothing. From ruffle butt pants to disney headbands, I’m really having fun playing dress up with this child of mine, even though she kinda gets annoyed by the camera. She’ll just have to get used to it. Too bad kid, too bad.

Jack Skellington is one of my favorite Disney characters. Why? Well aside from him being black and white, I have a thing for skulls and well.. he’s a walking one so..

When I found this headband at The Bellino Boutique on etsy, who Morgan is a brand ambassador for (yes, 3 months old and a brand ambassador, whaaaaaaaat?) I knew I had to grab it. Then I searched amazon for a cute jack onesie that matches, and BAM.. found this one. Couldn’t be more of a cuter outfit.

Jack Headband - The Bellino Boutique ( Use code TBBFF at checkout for discount!)

Jack Onesie - Amazon (Also comes in other colors)