14 Halloween Movies

Halloween is right around the corner, and obviously everyone wants to get into the spirit. October is one of my favorite months, from the creepy decor to the cool autumn air to the horror movies. I’ve been seeing the lists on movies that are going to be playing on t.v, and I’ve gotta be honest, it sucks. As a horror movie fan, I’ve been disappointed in the lack of scare movies. Its very rare I’ll find a movie that’ll scare or creep me out. The last one was probably the introduction of the nun in The conjuring 2. When he came into play I was like “holy crap, I hope they make a movie about it.” And sure enough they did.. but I have yet to see it. Having a baby and all (eyeroll)

So I’m here to share with you my halloween movie list. Lets get started shall we..

I can start with some family classics like:

hocus pocus.gif

1 - Hocus Pocus. Who doesn’t love this movie? I see freeform is basically playing it on repeat. Its pretty much a classic and probably one of my favorite Disney World shows during halloween.

practical magic.gif

2. Practical Magic. Cute little movie about witches and sisterhood.

addams family.gif

3. The Addams Family. Obviously, need I say more?

Nightmare before christmas.gif

4. Nightmare Before Christmas. The ultimate question, is it a halloween or Christmas movie? I believe it can be both. It can also get you ready for Christmas which is coming around the corner.

beetlejuice .gif

5. Beetlejuice. No brainer there. It’s Beetlejuice.

And now for the adults..

The conjuring.gif

6. The Conjuring Series. Now, this is a series of the latest horror flicks that I can actually appreciate. It has all the creepy feels and jumps.

the ring.gif

7. The Ring 1 & 2. This movie creeped me out as a kid, I couldn’t sleep with the t.v on if I was alone, and static on the t.v scared me shitless, and I was scared to bathe alone. Needless to say, that doesn’t happen now, but this is still on my list.

the shining.gif

8. The Shining. Not really scary, but still a classic.


9. The Scream Series. Another not so scary series, but its still a classic. I’ll even suggest the scary movie series for the hell of it.

hellraiser .gif

10. Hellraiser Series. I personally haven’t seen all of them, And I need to rewatch them, but they are a pretty good movies.


11. IT. The remake was pretty good, as I kinda fell asleep through the original.


12. Cabin In The Woods. I really did love this movie for some reason. Kind reminds me of the evil dead, which is next by the way, but I also want a second movie of this to find out what happens next.

evil dead.gif

13. The Evil Dead. The remake was good, I actually just watched it while starting this blog, so..

the quiet place.gif

14. A Quiet Place - Finally got to see it, and it wasn’t too bad. It was quiet interesting watching a women give birth while trying not to make a sound.. I mean.. holy hell.

Now I know the classics like Nightmare on Elm street, Halloween, Carrie and a few others aren’t here, because I feel like those are no brainers. When you think of horror movies, those come into your head automatically, correct? So why bother putting them on a list of horror movies when they should already be on your watch list. I feel like I am forgetting a few but I’m sure this is a good enough list.

Whats your favorite horror movie?