Green Cardigan X Life Update

It has been a while since I posted on here or a personal style post, but I do have a good reason. At the end of October I found out that I'm pregnant! 

Writing this, I'm currently at the end of 19 weeks, finishing up my fourth month and heading into five months, and let me tell you, it hasn't been easy!  Although, It seems I've been have an easy pregnancy so far, with minor aches and pain and no vomiting with nausea here and there, I'm officially over it. 

The constant tiredness, the hunger, the random waves of nausea and gagging, the back pain, the break outs, the headaches, trying to get comfy during the night, the constant peeing every ten minutes, ughhh. I dont know how ya'll woman pop out more than one.. let me tell ya. I give you credit.

This last two weeks, my little bump has grown. I am carrying very tiny and low. If people didn't know me, they'd just assuming it was a big food baby. But I've officially joined the millions of woman around the world that have complications with their clothes. Sweats and Yoga pants for the win.

Anyway, moving on..

In January, I treated myself to another monthly goodie box. First it was ipsy which lasted about eight months before I go bored. Now its stitch fix. Stitch Fix is a prescription clothing box with your own personal stylist, which lets you choose how often you'd like to receive the box and what your budget is for it. I was a little skeptical at first, ordering clothes on line can be a bit complicated, depending on the store or brand, but I gave it a shot.

You receive five pieces and have three days to decide which ones you wish to keep. You pay for the ones you want and send back the pieces you don't.  In my first box was this green cardigan from the brand Pink Clover. I found it to be the perfect color, I love green, and it fit really comfortable and warm. Another one I kept in the box was a plaid shirt, which I'll shoot eventually, but it has been a cold one here in New York, and I can't afford to get sick.

Gosh I cant wait to get my hair done, my stress highlights are killing me!

Oh and I also snagged this comfy mockneck sweater from Old Navy during a sale. It is really a warm sweater, and on sale!

Sweater - Old Navy (Size up one if you want it loose. I'm wearing an XS and it's a bit tight); Cardigan - Pink Clover (Link to similar below) ; Sneakers - Converse

If you'd like to check out stitch fix, Click here: link. If you choose to try it, your first stylist fee is waived for 30 days. (this was totally not sponsored by the way)

Photos by Shira.