First Sign's Of Spring

I know, its been awhile since my last post on here.

I've been so busy with work, setting up shoots for myself, bloggers, and for orphic trance, that I haven't had the patience to sit down on squarespace and put images together for a post.

But I finally had a day to myself. And its raining!


This post is all about Lilith (as usual). If you haven't seen my other posts or my instagram, let me just tell you, you'll see this beautiful face ALOT. Mostly cause she's one of the few models I collab with since we've started in this industry from the get go. Its been around four, maybe five years since we've known each other.

She's also been doing photography, and she's my personal photographer (besides Shira, of course). You'll see more images from our sessions soon.

These were taken just the start of spring, before any prettiness popped up. I met up with Lilith & Brittany and we traveled to prospect park since it was nearby. On this day, was also when we shot this look of me, the second time I got my face painted in my life.


Model - Lilith Rose

Makeup - Brittany Diaz