Fall Duster

Hey guys! So its been a while since I last posted a personal style post on here.

Truth is, all the outfits I have picked out to shoot are mostly fall outfits, and New York has been back and fourth between weather lately.

It's also because I've just moved and I still haven't unpacked everything and been focusing on working and doing my weekly photo shoots. But I managed to sneak in a quick outfit after I wrapped up shooting a few looks with Shira from Asequinloveaffair, I've been training her just a bit to be behind the camera instead of always in front. 

She also had a little input in this outfit as she gave me her bag to wear, as mine are still at my mom's place.

But anywhoo..

I'm in love with this boohoo duster I ordered a few weeks ago and been dying to shoot it. The weather finally dropped down a bit so I was excited to wear it finally. I love the faux leather sleeves and find it a perfect layering piece.

Of course I had to pair it with one of my new favorite pair of ripped jeans from Levi. Have I mentioned how much I love Levi's? For a skinny girl like myself, Its hard to find a good pair of jeans that fit my waist and is a good length, I find Mudd & Levi's to be my favorite right now. 

I also recently got a few liquid lippies from colourpop since everyone raves about their products. But to be completely honest, I hate the way they dry on my lips. Makes my lips feel dry and chappy to the point where I'm constantly licking them. I've also tried wearing chapstick underneath before applying but no luck. Anyone have this problem, or is it just me?

I also live in these Nike's, one of the most comfortable sneakers I've ever worn and purchased. they are so light, I forget they're on my feet half the time!

Shirt - Kohls - Old. Jeans - Levi's; Sneakers - Nike TanjunDuster - Boohoo ; Bag - ExpressLipstick - Colourpop (Zuma)Eyeshadow - Doucee - Marisa #67

Photography - Shira