Distressed Chic

We had a minor heat wave a few weeks ago here in New York, so i figured it was time to bust out my new shorts.

As everyone who knows me well, I love anything distressed. I probably have more ripped jeans then regular ones, but I love to live my life on the edgy side. 

Now, I forgot what brand it was, some high end brand that had this shirt going for a few hundred bucks. That is no where near my budget nor would I pay for a shirt at that price, I don't care who made it, but I found this shirt on make me chic, a new clothing website for me, and it looked just the same as the high end brand one but for like 90% off the price, so yeah.. I had to get it.

I have yet to find a good brand of shorts that fits my waist perfectly, without it being too tight or too loose, and not have my ass hanging out while I walk. These distressed shorts are on the looser side, which I don't really mind, I had a belt around it and called it a day, but I didn't have to worry about my cheeks hanging out. So these maybe my favorite shorts so far, besides my levi's which you'll see soon.


Shorts - Make Me Chic; Shirt - Make Me Chic; Sneakers - Converses.

PhotographyLana Wolfe