Disney Land & California Adventure.

Posting my last set of photos from my trip to California.

Its making me sad just going through them and posting them, cause I want to go back. (Maybe soon) BUT,one of our main destinations on going was to check out Disneyland and California Adventure.

I've been to Disney world twice now, and each time I never get bored of it. No matter how old you are, you feel like a kid. Especially when seeing your favorite characters and the firework shows.

Going to Disneyland was a bit different. I'm used to the larger parks and walking around for what feels like forever, but Disneyland is smaller and you could do everything in the park in one day. 

California Adventure was really fun, especially the roller coaster there, it was pretty epic. Went on the ferris wheel.. on the swinging car.. and I felt like I was going to die. Yes, it was fun, but when your not strapped in that high in the sky with no control as your swinging about, fear gets you.


The differences between the parks: The parades. Disneyland had more floats. It seemed it had a float for almost all characters, which was nice.

Rides: Some rides were different. Like Its a small world. Personally, I hated the one in Disney world. Its cute for kids yes, but after the third round of singing I wanted to get off. Disneyland's version was better. 

The firework show is always amazing. Both Land & World, it never fails to get me giddy inside.

I do totally recommend Disney Land if you have children. Less walking around.