Since I started photography, I always dreamed of going to California. I guess you could say California is where the dreamers go, and it's absolutely correct.Β 

We landed pretty late, from McCarren Airport to Long Beach, which by the way is probably the cutest damn airport I've ever seen. The first thing we did was get In & Out Burger. I've seen the images on tumblr and other photographer's instagram so obviously, I had to try it out. (I'll let you in on a secret: it was okay.)

On our first official day in Cali, we were in the audience of The Price Is Right. A unsuccessful win there. BUT we did have an amazing hot dog at Pink's (hot dog's are better than Nathan's) and we drove over to Randy's Donuts and almost cleaned them out.Β 

On our second day, we became tourists once more and hit up La Brea Tar Pits, Santa Monica, drove through Malibu, check out the amazing sites of the Griffith Observatory & The Hollywood Hills and ended with a stroll around Hollywood Blvd, which reminded me of Times Square yet again, and also casually walked past Josh Holloway in Jimmy Kimmell's alleyway.

These two squirrels were two of the fattest I've ever seen..