Beautiful and Evil

Since I've been getting in front of the camera with blogging and all, I've wanted to do a halloween look with my girl Brittany. If you saw my last post of Katie in the skull face makeup, then you know Britt is an amazing MUA. This was the second time I put my face in her hands and I wasn't disappointed. She asked me what I wanted to do and I told her to surprise me.

We went on facebook live, because IG live was dead while she did this scary look on me and everyone was so excited to see the photos. After that, we went to a small park area by her house to shoot, only getting a few odd looks from people. My goal was to scare at least one small child, but no luck.

We shot rather quickly since we were in Staten Island and it was an hour and a half trek back home to Brooklyn, and needless to say I went home looking like this. Scared the hell out of the bus driver and had a few kids asking me why and where I got my makeup done when I was waiting for the second bus in Brooklyn. 

Makeup & Photos by Brittany Diaz.

Dress - Kohl's (sold out, see below for similar)