6 Month Baby Update

I honestly cannot believe this child of mine is 6 months old already. It flew by so quickly. EVERYONE and their mother (literally) has told us to “enjoy it! it goes by so quickly!” I knew they were right, but its so sad. We’re definitely enjoying watching her grow. Morgan has become such an entertaining tiny human, from her laughter, her smiles, her angry eyebrows, the way she does things..


She is currently sitting in her new jumper she got for Christmas as I’m writing this, yelling at her rings she likes to play with and eat. She likes to babble and stick out her tongue. She’s obsessed with her tongue and her feet, and now with everyone’s toes.

She’s currently on the move! She started to ‘crawl’ last month or so. It’s more like her launching forward and pulling herself. I’ve been calling her Lieutenant Dan cause it looks like her legs are broken when she worms around.

Her two favorite cartoons are Paw Patrol and Bubble Guppies. And yes, I am going to be that mom that puts on the t.v to entertain her. I gotta eat in peace, need to shower, and edit photos and write on here.. so yeah. She also loves the food network, and just stares at food. She’s food obsessed.

Yes, we have started her on solids. She’s into oatmeal and barley cereal, not so much rice cereal but I give it to her sometimes. Her doc wanted us to started her off with veggies first, and we did. She enjoyed peas, carrots and sweet potatoes (being her fav right now). But I’ve also introduced her to bananas, mostly to mix it into her cereal. I tasted that crap and it sucked. She needed some flavor!

I find having a schedule works best. I’m pretty schedule organized and she’ll grow up into it which I find nice.

6am - Wakes up from sleep (sometimes) change, feed, back to sleep.

7-8am - Morning wake up. (this varies.. not always the same time.)

Play time, bottle, nap

Wakes up, change, feed her oatmeal/cereal.

Playtime, bottle, nap.

Wake up, lunch(right now its bananas) Playtime, bottle, nap.

Wakes up, change, dinner time (Sweet potatoes, peas, or carrots (right now) ), bath time (every other day or every two days), bottle, playtime

Down for the night around 7:30-8:30pm.

I stopped at the times cause they usually change, but thats about the gist of our day/night.


She’s currently wearing 6-9 month clothes. Some 6 months are to tight for her and some are just right. Some 9 month clothing even fit her now so its pretty much a guessing game.

Her favorite toys are her Baby Einstein jumper, Baby Einstein Music Explorer , Melissa and Doug Musical Farmhouse Cube & Fisher Price Bright Beats Spin and Crawl Tumble Ball. Aside from her usual teething rings and her minnie mouse blanket doll she takes naps with.


Well, I do believe thats a wrap for her six month update.

6-month-photos-4 copy.jpg