3 Month Baby Update

I cannot believe Morgan is 3 months old. She gained 5 pounds and grew 4 inches since birth. I totally skipped her 2 month update, mostly because nothing really changed, but slowly but surely, she’s growing into a very entertaining tiny human.

What Can She Do?

Not a lot. She still pretty useless when it comes to doing tricks, but she is trying to get her feet all the time now and kinda rolling over to her side while doing so.

She smiles, sorta laughs, and blabbers about everything and nothing at all. Especially in the morning. Morning gossip is real with this gal.

Sitting up, even though she has horrible posture and slumps forwards and even falls to the side like a drunk baby.

Drools like a fein. Seriously.. this girl is a little drool machine.

What Does She Love?

Bath time! I recently got this bath support for her since the baby bath tub I had her in was killing my back. With this one, I can fill the tub up with water and she can kick the water. The support also doesn’t slip or slide in the water which is perfect.

Her play mat! She loves chilling with her friends and having conversations with them. I’m so happy my cousin gave me her playmat from my little cousin, because just trying to pick one out is overwhelming. I’ve been looking at jumperoo’s and walkers for her, and holy crap.. I cannot make a decision.

Her rattle. I picked this one out, spare of the moment for a little toy to entertain her when she’s not talking to the ghosts in the house. She loves this thing, even sleeps with it; and it’ll be good for when she starts to teeth.

Well that’s all for the 3 month update, like I said.. she’s pretty boring but entertaining af.