OTM - Floral Fashion Ads.

Last year ( 2015 ) I started working with an amazing makeup artist named Brittany. I knew of her and followed her work for awhile, knowing and working with a model. It wasn't until last year we finally decided to collaborate together on a project that is still undergoing and we immediately clicked.  After a few times of working together, getting more comfortable with each other, we sat down and decided to create a publication together. I've started my own a year or so back and it failed; she had one as well but left due to creative differences. Now we have teamed up and is making it our goal to make Orphic Trance Magazine successful. 

Plotting and planning on ideas and themes for OTM, we finally came up with a few themes and started to get to work on it so we could release it in 2016. And we did. June 2016 was our first release issue, and now slowly but surely I will be making blog posts of all the photos we shot for it. 

The one thing I hate when it comes to magazine's is ads. All the big ones, vogue, elle.. etc, they are almost 80% ads and its annoying. I understand ads is what mostly funds each issue and keeps the publication going, but when your publication is filled with them, its extremely boring.

OTM offers ads, but we don't spam every issue with them. And as a upcoming publication, we had to create our own for examples. It was one of the very first set of photos we shot for OTM.

Thanks to the ladies of Fenix Talent Development, Alynna & Samantha, they were one of the first to be photographed for OTM.


Photographs by me, makeup by Brittany Diaz.