Good-Bye 2015.

Since it's the last month of the year, I figured I'd write a personal entry about all the things (that I can remember) this year. I'll try not to bore you so much.

  •  I turned 21.  Yep, I was made an official legal adult this year. Usually when people turned 21 they get excited that they can drink and not be turned down at clubs for being underage. Me? I didn't. I don't drink, and when I do, its a wine cooler or a pina colada (virgin, cause with alcohol it taste nasty) I don't club either. I'm more of a home body, watching netflix, reading a book or browsing through tumblr. 
  • Took advantage of the 2nd amendment.   A.k.a shooting a gun. I shot a gun for the first time and only got one hole out of target. Guess that's what happened when you're a daughter of a U.S Marine. I enjoyed it a little bit, but I have no urge to shoot something or someone. Unless I really need too.. Maybe I shouldn't have said that..
  • Received two new cousins. This year I gained two new additions to the family. Two of my cousins decided to reproduce again. YAY! A boy, Lucas, and a girl, Avrianna. I was actually the first person to find out Lucas was being cooked in the oven.. well right after my cousin found out for herself. We don't have many boys running around, so we were all excited for the change in gender.
  • Got Engaged. Yep, In June, my boyfriend of almost three years asked me to marry him. I mind as well right? Stuck with his ass for that long, mind as well do it for all eternity. Ahh, just kidding! (maybe..)  I never in my life even thought about marriage or a wedding. And now Im sitting here thinking if we should just do it quick and simple or have a big wedding party. Im not one for 'all eyes on me', I'm more of a 'sit in the back and observe the madness' type of gal. But I've never had a big party before, not even a birthday. So I guess maybe a wedding party will be nice. I shall see..
  • Published in 12 magazines + worked with tons of new people. This year I've been published in 12 different issues, all thanks to the wonderful and talented people I've worked with this year.  Both new and old. I've also made it to my first cover (Gray Mode Images Magazine. You can see here: publications. ) An image was also placed in the November issue of Instyle Magazine, but of course, they never credited me. 
  • Worked in a actual studio. You might be thinking "But you're a photographer, and you haven't shot in a studio before?"  So weird right? But.. I could never afford to rent a space out. PLUS, I enjoy working outdoors. The plain backgrounds get boring to look at, where as outdoors you have tons of different spaces and poses and ideas in play. "But what about the cold weather?" Well, thats where you have to grow some steel balls and suck it up. In order to create something beautiful and fun, you must put your mind and body into it. There are ways to stay warm during the 30 degree weather, bundled up and get hand & feet warmers. They are my new must have in bag when I book a shoot in cold temps.

That's all I can really think of. 2015 has been a good year, and I'm going to make 2016 a better one, with so many things I have planned.