Fall 2015.

Well, since this is my first official blog post here on my new site & blog, AND its the beginning of December, I figured a beautiful post of some fall foliage was the way to start.


Fall is many photographer’s favorite season. It’s where the leaves change color and the temperature drops to a pleasant cool. I love sweaters, hoodies, ripped jeans, scarfs and beanies. So when it hits around 60/70 degree here in New York, all of my favorite clothing comes out.

New York is wonderful in the fall. Central Park, Prospect Park.. all colorful and beautiful.. It makes for a perfect backdrop during photoshoots, as well as a great hike to enjoy the weather, the scenery, and not sweat to death like summer.

Luckily, I decided to take a trip to Central Park, so my fiancee and I went at the perfect time. It was the just the beginning of the fall foliage and I knew in a few days or maybe in a week, it would be even beautiful. And boy was I right! I waited a few days and shot with Shira from asequinloveaffair, and the park seemed even more gorgeous than before.

A few weeks later, I did a shoot in Prospect park, where leaves were all around so it made for a fun and very fall look. I will make a post with those photos, but today is a post to share the wonderful landscape.

Usually I stay a safe distance from the swans, but they were more occupied in grooming and eating so I had to get as close as possible. I was getting a watchful eye on the solo one though, before he joined the others. Right before I decided to leave, I stepped in swan poop and I swear I could have heard it laugh at me. I guess that was my price to pay of photographing and watching them for a good twenty minutes.