Ripped Jeans and Plaid Combat Boots

Currently having some coffee as I'm writing this on my day off (saturday). I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I know I did, until I had to go to work for black friday right after. Working in retail during this time sucks! Over night shifts are a drag, but a bonus to that paycheck though ;] Currently saving up for my vacation in January, and I'm counting down the days!

Anyway.. while I have my time off for a day, I'm finally getting to editing photos I've been lacking on. Its been chilly here in New York the last two weeks or so, and I'm missing the weather where I can go out in my favorite ripped jeans and leather jacket. Any day I can rock those is a perfect day to me.

These boots are the only thing thats 'new' in my wardrobe. Finally getting to use my birthday amazon giftcard, as I usually use them for someone else's present, I wanted a new pair of boots and seeing the plaid inside of these was amazing! It was a must have for me cause I'm a total plaid girl and the fact you have the option of lacing these beauties up higher or fold them down was perfect.  

Sweater - Old Navy

Jacket - Rainbow 

Boots - Amazon - JJF Shoes

Jeans - Charlotte Russe 


Photos by asequinloveaffair