Faux Leather and Tassel's

fall booties

So this post is going to be a bit different, as I'm trying something new. ME being in front of the camera. Shocker, huh?

As a photographer, I tend to be behind the lens. I feel comfortable there, taking photos of people, places, and things. Its what I love. Its very rare I'm in front of the camera, unless I'm at a family event, vacation, or taking selfies out of boredom.  I'm very awkward, don't know why.. It's most likely because I'm not used to it. 

This year (the rest of it) and next, I vow to hand my camera over (or get a friend photographer) to take some #ootd photos. Cliche, I know.. but whatever. 

Working in retail, I learned getting deals with coupons and waiting for something to go on sale is a big deal. I'm lucky enough my job gives us amazing discounts and we can double up. Most stores don't allow that. Even though I hate working there, I'm only doing it for the paychecks (obviously) and the discounts.

I'm a big online shopper. I hate shopping in stores (especially mine), because lets be honest, people are freaking pigs. Clothes all over the places and if its the last item, you may have to fight someone for it. BUT when it comes to shoes, I need to try them on first. But this time I didn't.

tassel boots

I scored these booties from Charming Charlie thanks to Shira. We shot a few looks for them and I saw these boots and decided to treat myself. My size in foot differs, depending on the shoe so I had no idea which size to wear, but ended up ordering the correct size (thank goodness, I hate returns and exchanges) I'm a total boot girl, when I'm not wearing sneakers, so I was really happy when I got these. I love the tassel's on the side.  

Clearance items are the best! I automatically head straight to it, online or in store. Most of the time in store, I see something cute that I like and its not in my size. Which is why I enjoy online clearance shopping cause there's a fifty percent chance they still have my size in stock. Which was half the truth for these faux leather pants. I've always wanted a pair of leather pants but majority are pricey. So when I saw this pair for less than 10 bucks, had to get them. I had my eyes on the pair of black ones, but they were sold out of my size. I read the reviews and everyone said to size up, so I did. I settled for the burgundy pair after a day or two of thought and I'm so glad I did. They fit amazing and its a nice color addition to my wardrobe. 

Oh.. and how beautiful is this background? Don't worry, you'll see more photos of the gorgeous scenery in my fall photos most that'll be out soon. 


Photos by - Shira.