Birthday Gift Guide For Photographers

Birthday Gift Guide For Photographers

As my birthday is coming up soon (Feb 9th), I figured I'd do something different. I was going to do a holiday gift guide during december, but between work and editing photos, I just didn't have the patience to sit here and research, so i figured id so a photographer gift guide. 

Now, when you ask a photographer what they want for their birthday, be prepared. The number one answer will always be 'new camera equipment' ALWAYS. Doesn't matter if they have every lens you can think of. The sad part is, as the years come and go, more technology is being build with new and better features. I, on the other hand, is waiting to upgrade to a full frame camera which hopefully will be getting soon (fingers crossed for the mark 5D iii or IV).

This gift guide won't really break the bank, as here is just a few ideas to put into your brain. Besides the basics that we all need, a new camera strap and more memory cards..

1 -  Instax Polaroid Camera  - This I see everyone using. Polaroid's are back in I'm assuming? I've always loved the idea of polaroids for a simple quick snapshot on vacation while seeing it develop in your own hand. The only problem is, the film is expensive and goes so damn fast. If you do get this for your photographer friend, make sure you be generous and get them the film to go with it too.

2 - DJI Mavic Pro - DRONES! Yes drones! I've been watching some youtube video's of travel photographers using these awesome gadget's for getting epic shots up high and instantly fell in love. Yes, I'm dying for one, but I'll wait until I get my full frame camera before getting this. Priorities. But this would be a lovely gift for someone who is scared of heights but love sightseeing. Like me (:

3 - Perfect Zoom - I have my eye on this 24-70mm lens for awhile, but waiting for my upgrade to get it. Even though I do enjoy prime lenses, I only use it for portraits and fashion work, but when I'm out taking photos of streets and other landscapes, I need my zoom lens. Right now I'm working with a 18-135mm. I would love to upgrade to this lens for the sole purpose of me not really using past 80mm on my other lens. Another way to go is getting a prime wide angle lens, which I haven't done my homework on yet. Ugh, so many lenses! 

4 -  Nifty Fifty - I believe every photographer that takes portrait / fashion work needs a 50mm lens. It's a perfect lens that works well with close up details as well as portraits. I believe every brand of camera has at least one 50mm in their collection of lenses. There is also a cheaper 50mm lens for canon (50 1.8 STM)

5 - Battery Grip - I finally got one before the holidays and it changed my life. It gives you something extra to hold onto while making it easier to hit the shutter button and holds two batteries in case one decides to die on you. At first I wasn't going to, seeing the prices were obscene but I looked through the used section via adorama and got mine for around $10 + tax. Score! Usually I'm a bit skeptical with used products, but for ten bucks, you can't go wrong. AND it came in good condition. So, lesson here, search for cheaper prices! Especially when it comes down to equipment. 

6 - LensPen - One of the swiftest gadgets I purchased and recently lost somewhere last year between California and New York. This is obviously to clean the lenses and inside of the camera quickly before and after shooting. Gets rid of the dust that might cling to the glass. AND its less than $10

7 - Olloclip - As I haven't tried these lenses out yet, I've heard good things and been meaning to attempt to purchase. Most of the time when I'm out without my bulky dslr, I rely on my iphone and vsco editing for my instagram shots. Its convenient, but sometimes you see a great shot in your head and want to zoom in, but the quality of the photos when zoomed in is crappy. Thats why I love the idea of external lenses for a phone, gives you more power when you're out and about and see something awesome to capture.

8 - Kelly Moore Bag - I've had my eye on a Kelly Moore bag forever, but unfortunately I don't have it in me to spend that much money on a new bag when I have a few of my own. But Kelly Moore bag's are amazing when it comes to hiding the fact you have hundreds of dollars of tech with you. They look like regular bags but its like the Tardis when you open it up. (Doctor Who reference if you didn't understand, Bigger on the inside then out.. ) The great thing is they're very casual and stylish while you have the option of taking out compartments. Plus they look like they hold a lot of stuff, which for me, is a major deal. I'm totally in love with the Kate bag and Ruston.

Well, thats all I have to give. This was just something to put into your head and nudge your way to an idea.

BUT - if you are thinking about purchasing a lens for that special person, please do your research before buying. Not all lenses work with all camera's, so make sure you know the body before hand.