Current Beauty Likes

makeup flatlay

Trying to create this post, behind the scenes, was a bit of a disaster. While trying to find new batteries for my external flash for the flatlay photo, I found out the flash's locking mechanism is stuck and refuses to turn, to which I had to hold the flash on the camera for dear life. And I had to listen to my mom yell at the microwave for dying and stop my cat from walking across the paper to sniff everything. Needless to say, I finally got it done after all the difficulties.

NOW, lets get on with what this post is actually about..

Today, I'm going to talk about my current makeup favorites. Now I'm pretty much an amateur when it comes to doing makeup. I'm a total doofus with the lingo and how to do anything, but I am slowly trying and learning. I don't usually wear makeup, and when I do, I tend do my eyes only, which is a process in it's self due to me being mostly blind without my glasses. It is getting harder for me to do eyeliner, but I have read they have special glasses for this particular problem, which I will be checking out pronto.

Six months ago I joined the IPSY crew. If you don't know what that is, its a monthly makeup bag. I absolutely adore it. Not only is it pretty cheap, but they give you some awesome sample products and the majority of my new makeup and likes come from it.

First off, for this months IPSY glambag, I fell in love with the halloween printed bag. It's my favorite out of the six I currently have. I mean, how freaking adorable is it?

  • Eye shadow - My current favorite is Nomad's desert sands (the open one in the photo) It was my first that I received from a glambag and it's my favorite so far. I love the light brown color with the slight shimmer that almost makes it golden. It's my go to to use.

Next up is Dirty Little Secret's (DLS) teaser shade. I've used this a few times now, especially for work (when I do feel like putting on makeup for work). I love how it gives you a natural look, nothing too dramatic, which is how I pretty much like my makeup. Yes, I'm a little boring.

Lastly is Vintage's Vanilla / Espresso palette. I actually just got this for the October's glambag and used it twice now. It's very light and I like how the colors mix well.

  • Eyeliner - I go through eyeliner products like water, and just started using liquid. Yes, I'm late to the game, but like I said, I'm a newbie.  I first started using Maybelline's Define-a-line (green and black one) I ran out of it and before getting a new one I kept getting new ones in my glambag's so I decided to try those.

Radial's smokey eye pen is my go to right now, especially on the bottom water line, matched with eyeko's eye do liquid eyeliner (both from ipsy) Both are my current go to products together and I'm happy with them both.

  • Mascara - Important when you're a glasses wearer.   I've used a bunch of different products where they make my lashes touch my lenses and smudge them. Nobody wants to keep cleaning their glasses everytime they blink. I try and avoid one that seem to make my lashes bigger. I already have very long lashes, so using a product that volume's them + wear glasses is a no no for me.

Model Co. Power Lash is my current favorite and I'm almost out so I have to buy more. Its not a big clumper and is not extreme. It defines my lashes just right and I love it. I do recommend this mascara for glasses wearers too.

  • Lips - I'm not much of a lipstick person. I honestly HATE the taste of it, and I'm always either eating, drinking something, and licking my lips. My default - I always wear blistex, especially during the colder and warmer weather's. I do wear revlon's super lustrous super natural lip gloss I picked up in cvs. Its pretty much my go to cause its natural (like I said, I'm boring), but I do like my natural looking products, what can I say?

I recently got trestique's lip crayon in Belize Bordeaux, and I have to say, its growing on me. Usually I don't use red, but its dark enough for me to start getting used to. Nothing wrong with a pop of color, but for me its a big move.

See that candle just sitting randomly in the photo? I'm in love with it! It's Sonoma's Caramel Toffee. I highly recommend these candles if you use candles. You don't even have to light them, the room smells like it almost instantly. I lit this one twice and my room smells like fall.


I guess this concludes my very first beauty blog post. Hope you enjoyed it.